This Little Kitten Was Abandoned By His Mother. So When That Crow Sees Him? UNBELIEVABLE!

An unlikely thing you don’t normally see everyday!


It is an established fact that birds and cats do get along well. I’m sure you’ve seen the cat attacking and jumping on the birds all the time. So imagine my surprise when I came across this little jewel of a video. you will witness one of the strangest of your peers in the world, and I want to assure you,it is the best!

Cat in this video is missing and can be seen in the neighborhood a lot. When he saw an elderly couple that little cat wandering the streets, they tried to help. But like the boy I already had someone to take care of him. The personality of his mother. Their association with really unique in its category!

See how this beautiful relationship between two of the unusual creatures in the video below! What do you think of this? Share your opinion in the comments!