Officer Rescues An Abandoned Puppy, But It’s What Happened Next That Took The Internet By Storm

Above and beyond the call of duty, this police officer stayed with an abandoned puppy until a new home was found for the dog…


A police officer by the name of Kareem Garibaldi was on duty one day when he noticed an abandoned pup on the street.

He tried to find the pup’s owners for three days but it was very difficult as the pooch didn’t have a collar or a micro chip.

Having failed at the attempt to locate the owners, he took the pup to the vet the morning after he had finished a twelve hour


While waiting in the lobby, both the pup and the police officer fell asleep on the bench.

The manager found this so adorable that she took the picture which later became very popular on the Internet!

Watch the video to see what happened in the end!