Mom Accidentally Washed This Dog’s Favorite Teddy Bear. Now Watch What She Does To Rescue It…

This dog does the funniest thing ever when her mom put her favorite teddy bear in the wash…


Do you remember your favorite childhood toy? Do you remember how you felt when you broke it or just couldn’t find it? Yes, it was the end of the world for most of us.

In the following video you are going to see that not only people feel that way, but animals also get a bit upset when their much loved toys are not near them.

When the owner of this beautiful Golden Retriever had to wash the pup’s teddy bear, she knew this cute pup would be upset. That’s why she placed hidden cameras on several places just to see his reaction.

And as soon as he was alone, the Golden Retriever went to a search and rescue mission. This video made my heart melt.