The Brother Covered His Sister To Protect Her From Humans. But Watch What The Rescuers Do Next…

What kind of a heartless jerk would abandoned these beautiful pooches?! Thanks God there are still some good people left in this world!


One day, Hope for Paws received a call about two abandoned dogs living under the I-5 freeway. They lived in the sewers for several weeks, struggling to survive! When the rescuers arrived it was obvious that someone had been feeding them, and giving them water to drink.

After much struggle, the two rescuers came close to the pooches. Upon seeing this the brother covered his sister with his body in order to protect her. It was an incredibly brave and cute act!

They quickly gained the trust of the boy pup, but the girl turned out to be a bigger challenge. After a couple of minutes though, she too relented.

The rescuers named them Pepsi and Cola, cleaned them up, and took them for some medical check ups. These cute siblings are now ready to be adopted!

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