For 20 Years, This Circus Lion Was Locked In A Cage. His Reaction To Freedom Will Bring You To Tears

Forced to live in a cage and perform tricks, circus lion tastes freedom for the first time…


The first time you lay your eyes on Mufasa, a chained Peruvian mountain lion, it’s obvious that he was just a shadow of a magnificent animal he used to be.For 20 long years he lived tied to the back of an old pick-up truck while traveling the country until Animal Defenders International heard about him. They quickly tracked Mufasa down and transferred him to a little piece of heaven in Peruvian forest, his natural habitat.

Unfortunately, Mufasa passed away soon after due to kidney failure and other issues caused by 20 years of life on the road but as heartbreaking as it is, it comforts me that he at least had a chance to live in the woods he was taken away from, even for a short while. Rest in peace, Mufasa.