The friendship gathering this two dogs and ducks happens only in the cartoons world.

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Named Pickelet and patty Cakes, the two dogs become popular after they fell in love with their new duck siblings.
The relationship started when the dogs’ owners brought the ducks home from the Wollongong Animal Rescue Network after agreeing to breed them temporarily.

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When the two ducks were presented to their future friends, the feeling was mutual and they immediately loved them right back.
Today, the dogs spend the whole time protecting the fragile ducks, working hard to keep them safe and happy.

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A collection of sweet photos show the intensity of entente between the little ducks and the two dogs; we see the ducklings sheltering on top of their heads, who don’t seem in the least bothered.
The owners noticed the friendship between the ducks and the dogs so they decided to adopt the birds permanently.

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