This father heard that his daughter is bullying a girl in school so he offers the sufferer to go shopping instead of his daughter And that’s how you teach a spoiled kid a great lesson!

The majority of parents will stick to their kids and stand for them when they do something wrong, for example being rude or bullying other children.

But Randy over here is not like most parents, he will not let his kids hurt other children or cause them to suffer.

As soon as he heard that his daughter Re’onna was bullying another girl, he was annoyed and furious about it and he knew right away that his daughter must stop. He wanted badly to show her how to respect others from now on.

Randy as well was bullied when he was a kid, therefore he doesn’t like what his girl is doing. He managed to correct her with the most brilliant idea.

Every girl at the age of Re’onna adores shopping so he used that fact properly.

Randy was saving some money to take his daughter on a trip shopping, basically to have fun. But, today he knows that she is a bully and he is not sure that she deserves a trip or a gift like that.

The father then took all the money and bought some clothes and a bunch of stuff for the victim, Ryan.

Ryan was really suffering, her father recently passed away as well as her auntie and grandfather. So you can imagine how the bullying worsened the situation.

It was really obvious that she was in pain, depressed, and just sad. Ryan’s mother really hesitated at first, she didn’t want to speak to Re’onna’s parents, she knew that most parents will protect and listen only to their kids. However, she can’t let her daughter suffer anymore and she decided to call Randy.

In that shopping trip Re’onna must go just to witness it that’s all, karma is real after all. Randy bought a lot of amazing things however it is not for her.

In the end, Re’onna understood that the act of bullying can be cruel and destructive to other people and thanks to Randy his daughter and Ryan are now becoming friends also encourage other parents to teach their kids to be good humans.

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