This Video Will Make You Think Twice Before Taking Your Dog To A Kennel. Oh, My God!

Going on a vacation? Do NOT let this boarding facility take care of your dog. OMG!


This is a heartbreaking video! It depicts a nigh on sadistic treatment of dogs by a supposedly “humane” kennel workers. The

content is somewhat disturbing but we suggest that you watch this before you ever consider boarding your dog when traveling.

After seeing this video, we are not sure we would advise anyone to take their dog to a dog kennel. If you are traveling, it is much

better to leave your dog with someone you know, or invite someone you trust to stay at your home. If you have to take your

beloved pet to a dog boarding house, make sure you do detailed inspection beforehand.

A PETA observer worked at Inghram’s Sit ‘N Stay Dog Academy, a training and boarding kennel in Tampa, Florida, and look at

the scenes he had witnessed! It’s criminal!