Her New Doll its Hiding a Beautiful Secret. Whole Internet Is STUNNED!

Seriously, Im warning you now. Keep your tissues close for this one.


Emma has a prosthetic leg and she always wanted a doll just like her. Since relatable dolls are scarce, she and her husband decided to do something extraordinary for Emma.

The doting parents reached out to Step Ahead Prosthetics with an unusual request. Fitted with a tiny prosthetic leg in Emma’s favorite color, pink, a very special doll for one very special girl was shipped all the way from New York to Texas.

The clip captures the exact moment Emma’s little sister hands her the mysterious box. “You’ve got to be kidding me,” Emma says while opening it.

Seriously, I’m warning you now! Keep your tissues close for this one. As one commenter says, “I’m crying as much as she did. Emma is an amazing girl that hasn’t let anything stand in her way. I love that you were able to do this for her. Thank you for sharing her joy with all of us.”