Dog With A 46 Pound Tumor Was Left To Die. But Watch What The Rescuers Do For Him…WOW!

His owners dumped him because of his 46-pound tumor. You wont believe your eyes when you see this…


Meet Henry! Henry is a beautiful retriever who was abandoned on a beach by his owners only because he had a tumor.

The poor pup had to take care of himself and walk around carrying a 46 pound tumor on his belly.

You can imagine that this made walking very difficult for him.

It was clearly a case of neglect and such owners should be punished! You don’t treat a human being like a piece of trash that you can just throw out when you don’t want it anymore!

Luckily, Henry was found by a very kind and responsible lady who managed to get him $500 in grant money for his bills at the vet.

After surgery this gorgeous, good natured dog became much happier, lighter and happier! You just have to see the difference for yourself.