Fraternity brothers knew a little girl could see them from her window… Now watch what they do — WOW!

I guarantee it will never be forgotten.


Twelve-year-old Lexi Brown has cancer and was recently placed in Mattel Children’s Hospital UCLA in California.

Her room faced the street and directly across from her window was a huge fraternity house, home of UCLA’s Sigma Alpha Epsilon.

One day, she and her mom put a sign in the window asking for a pizza delivery to her room as a joke. But to her and her mom’s surprise, members of the SAE fraternity not only brought a pizza, but surprised Lexi with a bouquet of roses and a guitar.

A group of 20 something college guys played music for the little girl and kept her company while her shocked mother sat by and observed such touching and meaningful  actions by the young men.

The members of the fraternity continued visits with Lexi and then one day they surprised her with something outside her window one night.

Watch this heartwarming story and see the surprise that was waiting for Lexi outside her window below: