They keep recording this mama giraffe giving birth… Wait Until you see what happened next? OMG!!!

For 15 months mama giraffe keep carrying her little baby in her womb, and not like other animals, miraculously she gives birth while standing up.

In 2013 At Leo zoological conservation center in 2013, where our buddy give her first birth, and fortunately, the keepers have been there to capture all of it on camera for us.

in the video, we can already see the baby coming out.after birth and In a few minutes, This giraffe baby tries to walk! She is a girl!!

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Source: Youtube/LEO Zoological Conservation Center

when she starts her first steps! This is the sweetest ever!! Just watch the Video Below!

Giraffes are beautiful creatures. Definitely a blessing to have such a caring creature with us on earth! Thank you! That is amazing!