Watch how 7 YO Girl on her Tiny Dirt Bike Reacts when The REAL Bikers Show Up!

What a great group of men. Wish I had had folks to look out for me when I was young.


7 years old Audrianna is already a pro at riding her dirt bike around the block. The little girl is passionate about riding, but the other kids at school don’t quite understand Audrianna. She has been having a rough time and is getting bullied at Marshall Elementary in Toledo, OH.

That’s when her, Alexandria got a big idea. Why not show Audrianna that there’s nothing wrong with riding a dirt bike and that there are kind people out there just like her? The mom enlisted the help of The Punishers, a motorcycle group made up of EMS, law enforcement, military personnel, and firefighters. The biker club had an instant connection with Audrianna.

They put a helmet on Alexandria and the group of tough men escorted her to school. Since then, she has had a much easier time. The biker group devote much of their time helping kids, despite their tough exterior, they are great big softies who seek to protect others, not hurt them!!!