College girl slaps a police horse, immediately regrets her decision

This is one of at least three ‘horse-slapping’ incidents involving college students during homecoming week. What is wrong with kids today?!


A young woman in Kingston, Ontario, Canada didn’t think clearly when she thought it would be fun to slap a police horse on

the rump. The giddy college student let her homecoming revelry at Queen’s University get the better of her and she made a

terrible life choice. After smacking the horse she tries to make a break for it. The unhappy steed pays her in kind with a quick

kick to the butt that sends her sprawling onto the pavement.

This is one of at least three horse-slapping incidents in Kingston that have occurred during the Queen’s homecoming weekend.

At least two men and one women have been arrested and charged with injuring a law enforcement animal. The identities of the

criminals have not been released and police have not yet confirmed if the young lady in this video is one of the three people

being charged.