Here’s How You Can Build A Simple Shelter To Help Feral Cats Stay Warm In The Winter

Wanna help feral cats stay warm in the winter? Here is how you can do it


AmazingPandph have some practical advice for you today! If you’ve ever seen feral cats running around in the streets, and if you’ve wondered how you can help them, this is a video for you.

Many people, in many areas of the world would love to help these animals, but aside from giving them food they don’t know

what else they can do to help them. Of course, adoption is one way, but there is always a limited number of cats one can adopt,

and the number of feral cats is much greater. In some countries the network of shelters and rescue organizations is not so well

developed so that goes out the window as well. This video will change that!

The greatest problem that feral cats face is the cold! So you can help them stay warm throughout the winter by building small

shelters like this! You’ll have great fun building it, and you’ll be helping a lot of animals stay warm! It’s a win win situation!