Husky Throws A Hilarious Tantrum Because He Doesn’t Want To Leave The Park

Husky throws a tantrum of toddler proportions when its time to leave dog park


Dogs are like little cute whining babies, but human babies outgrow this phase, whereas pups never do! They are cute and

adorable throughout their lives, and they are whiny as hell! Just look at this adorable but stubborn Husky throwing a tantrum

because the owner wants him to leave the dog park and go home!

The pooch absolutely and unequivocally refuses to move! He doesn’t move an inch, he just keeps screaming and howling! If

that were a baby you’d come to it raise him or her in your arms and take them home, but you can’t do that with a huge Husky,

you just have to wait for him to decide when the playing time is over! And sometimes that can take a while! What a hilarious