Teenager finds this horse on the side of the road, Now watch how she responds

A teenager found a dying horse on the side of the road and goes above and beyond to save it.
Kelsey and her mom were on there way to a swap meet but took a different driving route than normal. They soon realized why.
Kelsey noticed a horse laying on the side of a road; it was starving and showed signs of abuse. They tried getting the horse into their trailer to take it back home, but the horse was too scared.

That’s when Kelsey made the decision to walk to horse back, 9 miles. Kelsey even slept in the barn with the horse for the first 5 nights. They didn’t think the horse would make it, but I think Kelsey’s love gave the horse a new hope.
Watch the video below to hear this incredible story. We need more people like Kelsey in this world!!