Husky Flips Out When Mom Returns From Across The World To See Him After 2 Years

Husky goes absolutely berserk when he sees his mom after 2 years


This video is about a wonderful lady, and her beautiful Husky called Wolfie.

When Wolfie was born, they were inseparable, they were together all the time.

The lady was taking care of him, feeding him, playing with him! When the pup began suffering seizures, she was always there to

comfort him.

They were, in a way, best friends. But then, the lady had to go back home to Korea, and the pooch remained in America with her son.

Two years later, she came back! Did Wolfie forget her during that time? Of course not! Dog never forget kindness and love!

They are so much more grateful than humans. When Wolfie saw his “human mum” again, after two years, he went absolutely

berserk with happiness! He started jumping, whining, running around, it’s incredible! Look at him!

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