Judge Adopts An Abandoned Pug. But If You Look Closely, There’s Something Different About Him…

This video made my day. It is impossible not to fall in love with thisadorable pug!


Meet Mikey! Mikey is a wonderful, smart little Pug.

When you first see him, you can’t really notice that there is something different about with him. Unfortunately, he doesn’t have eyes!

When he was first rescued he was completely blind and suffered from demodax mange.

But that wasn’t it! He suffered from a severe case of glaucoma, which caused severe pain in his eyes, so the doctors decided that the best thing to do was to remove both of Mikey’s eyes.

He was adopted by Judge Sabrina Johnson, a wonderful and kind lady who loves him very much! Thanks to her, Mikey can have a normal and fulfilled life in spite of his disability. He is one happy dog now!