Rescue Kitten Is In Heaven When Mom Gives Her A Bath. Just Look at Her Face!

I literally cant stand this much cuteness. Oh, my Goodness


Most pets hate being wet! It’s the worst thing in the world for them, there’s literally nothing they hate more than having a bath.

Most of the time you have to trick them in order to wash them, because if they find out about your plan they will run away or

hide and you’ll never be able to catch them. Every once in a while though, there comes a pet that actually enjoys baths! It’s a

rare thing, but it happens! Other pets, must be wondering, “What’s wrong with him/her?!” but they don’t care, they love it!

Just look at this kitten! She is an an absolute state of bliss! She’s even showing us some swimming moves. What a cutie! You

need to see this.