A unique relationship gathers Richardson the ‘Lion Whisperer’ with a pride of wild cats!


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Richardson known as ‘lion whisperer’ and his bond of lions, they became famous after being the stars of a Mercedes-Benz advertising campaign. They appeared for the first time in a series of breathtaking photos with the intention of raising awareness of the plight of lions in Africa.

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In the most of pictures, Richardson looks joyfully delighting with the wild lions like they are household cats contradicting people who say lions must be chained and locked in a cage. Richardson exchange love and trust with these animals to give life to his bond.

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His power or gift allows him to run a wildlife sanctuary in South Africa and spend his time with 30 lions.
Conscious of the danger threating the lions, he made many documentaries about them and their friendship showing the importance of conserving their instinctive habitats and protecting them.

The 'Lion Whisperer' ,and his ,inusual, friend,enjoying, best moments,
The pictures were shot at Welgadacht Private Game Reserve in Pretoria. Richardson and Steirn were given just 48 hours to work with the lions and take the ideal photos for the Mercedes-Benz magazine spread.

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Lion Whisperer

Lion Whisperer


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