Baby Owl And A Sheriff’s Deputy Engage In The Cutest Standoff Ever

This adorable owl is fearless!


You’ve probably never heard a standoff with law enforcement referred to as “adorable,” or even “cute,” but those are definitely

the kind of words that come to mind with this unique confrontation between Boulder, Colorado deputies and a baby owl.

The Boulder County Sheriff’s Office tweeted photos of Deputy Sophie Berman kneeling on a gravel road before the wide-eyed

fuzzy ball of fur.

The deputies were working their usual beat when they noticed the tiny owlet. Not one to be intimidated, the villain locked eyes

and stared them down. Fortunately for all of us, Berman decided to capture a video of the creature who just continued its wide-

eyed stare. “Our Sheriff’s Office deputies were driving near a campground on July 23 when they were stopped in their tracks by

this young northern saw whet owl,” the video’s caption on YouTube reads, which you can watch here:

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