People always laugh at them, but they are the only people that don’t get CANCER

I never thought of this before…


According to a study from Cancer Causes and Control, there is a significantly lower rate of cancer among the Amish than any other group in the United States.

Researchers from Ohio State University went into the study expecting to find an increased risk of illness due to the lack of conventional medicine among the Amish, however, they found the exact opposite. The chances of developing cancer among the Amish were surprisingly low.

They decided to look into the issue further by researching their lifestyle. Many Amish people don’t drink or smoke and very seldom promiscuous due to their beliefs. That led researchers to conclude that lifestyle is the most important factor. Additionally, the Amish engage in a healthy amount of physical work each day through involvement in agriculture or construction. They don’t own televisions, so you certainly won’t find them sitting around all day.

They grow their own food, and that may also be a contributing factor to their health, according to the report. The fruits and vegetables are all organic and their dairy is unprocessed.

Despite the derisive laughter they receive from people that mock their choice of lifestyle, the Amish are exceptionally healthy overall. Maybe simpler is better? That’s a choice for each to make on their own…