Student shows up to prom feeling amazing until a teacher says THIS to her…

I can’t believe it. Do you think she deserved this?


Amy Steverson was so excited about her senior prom that took place at a local Maryville, Tennessee high school. She had bought a beautiful gown, got her hair done and did her makeup perfectly.

What happened when she arrived at prom left her in tears. A teacher took one look at her and told her, “Us big girls gotta cover up.” The teacher then gave her the vice principal’s jacket and had her wear it the entire night due to the fact that they believed that she was showing too much cleavage.

Tiffani Taylor, one of Amy’s good friend’s mother, took the beautiful picture of her in her prom dress and posted it on Facebook explaining what had happened to Amy. The post has since been taken down, but went viral with over 11,000 shares and over 40,000 likes.

Sadly, the school district doesn’t even have a prom dress policy and not another girl was told to cover up because she was too revealing…

We think she looks absolutely stunning in her dress, what do you think?