Abandoned Pit Bull Refuses To Trust Anyone, But Watch When He Meets This Disabled Veteran…

Disabled army veteran saves this put bull the day he was scheduled to be put down. What happens next is pure magic…


This is another video that proves the truthfulness of the saying, “the person never chooses the pet, the pet chooses the person!”

Meet Chad and Miko!

Chad is an army veteran whose two tours of duty in Iraq left him with much more than just physical injuries. Moreover, he

suffers from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or, as it is usually referred to, PTSD. Also he suffers from extreme Generalized

Anxiety Disorder. It goes without saying that all of this was caused by the stress of war.

Miko also had a very rough life. He spent the greater part of his life in a shelter where he was sleeping on concrete! When he

was discovered he was completely shut down and scared of people! He was even scheduled to be put down, but luckily he was


Miko refused to communicate to people, as he was absolutely terrified of them. Until, that is, he met Chad! He immediately

responded to the former navy man. Maybe he recognized the struggle in his eyes, and he identified with him. Maybe he wanted

to help him.

Sure enough, now they are helping each other! Chad says that Miko is doing wonders for his anxiety. What a beautiful story!

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