Pregnant dachshund’s hiding a secret, but when she finally gives birth? Didn’t expected to see THIS

I’m glad I had the tissues nearby for this one… AMAZING!


Sometimes there’s a video that is so striking, you remember it well after you’ve watch it.

That’s the case with this one, it’s very powerful, especially if you’re an animal lover.

This dog named Maria is a bit of a miracle herself. She was neglected for a long long time.

She was in such bad shape, she essentially became paralyzed from her chest down, and yet, her owners were still breeding her.

When her terrible owners found out it would require a C-section for Maria to give birth, something they weren’t willing to

spend money on, they abandoned her. Thankfully, that’s when her story takes a turn for the better.

Friends of Emma, a rescue organization for dogs in Texas, stepped in and saved Maria’s life.

Just WATCH the video to see her whole incredible journey below:

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