Group of liberal punks stand on the American flag. Then a disabled veteran shows up…

He teaches them a lesson they won’t forget.


A group of college students needed some attention, so they decided to put on matching t-shirts and stand on the American flag.

While shouting through a megaphone, they drew all the attention they wanted…

from a disabled veteran.

At first he calmly asks them to stop disrespecting a symbol that they’re too inexperienced to truly understand or respect.

Instead they complain about injustices they have likely never seen or experienced. They eventually push the veteran too far.

They tell him they have every right to do this, his response is epic:

“Why do you have the right? Because people are DYING for your stupid ass! They are dying for you so you can have

this right! You are sing where you are eating!”


This concept is too much for them to grasp, so our veteran tries to rescue Old Glory from a group of entitled children too blind

for their own good.