This Rare Baby Fawn Was Rejected By His Mother, But Luckily Found Love Elsewhere!

Extremely rare white-faced fawn gets brutally rejected by mother, but gets her life turned around when THIS happens…


Some people say that dragons don’t really exist, that they are mythical creatures, but in this video you are going to meet one real, living Dragon!

When we say Dragon though we don’t really mean those winged lizards that are ridden by Daenerys Targaryen! Noo! This Dragon is a little different. Namely, Dragon is only his name, but he is really a baby fawn.

This beautiful animal was rejected by his mother because it suffered from a rare disease that makes his eyes blue and his face white.

Due to the lack of pigment his anglers are going to be pink when they grow out and that is the main reason why he was named Dragon.

He really needed a strong, manly name to compensate for those pink antlers! You have to see this guy, he’s really lovely!