What They Had To Do Next? I Can’t Stop My Tears!

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Many poor animals living in the streets some abandoned some others was just born in streets, but not enough effort to save them from hunger and homelessness…Some foundations however work really hard in order to rescue these miserable creatures. Hope for Paws is one of them. I am sure you have heard about this exceptional non-profit before as well. The video below revealed one of their most tragic moments when they came to rescue a dying stray dog. You will be in tears when you see this!

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Venus is a white German Shepherd who was deserted in the wilderness and left for dead.The poor dog was overheated, starved and exhausted when Hope for Paws team located her. She didn’t even want to be near humans, so it was really a hard job to rescue her. Venus had been fed by some kind strangers for four months, but she never allowed anyone to get close enough to her. Wait till you see what this team did next! In the Video Below.

What They Had To Do Next? I Can’t Stop My Tears! Don’t forget to share your thoughts with us in the comments!



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