Scared Momma Dog Hides In The Corner, But Watch When She Sees Her Puppy’s Face…

A cruel person separated this dog from her puppies. When She sees them again, She Loses It!


The Marin Humane Society got two beautiful dogs from an irresponsible owner who had grown tired of them. At least he had the decency to not just abandon them somewhere. The two pups were of course very frightened and sad. Especially the female one!

Upon examining her, the team discovered that she had given birth to some puppies recently, but her former owner didn’t give them any puppies. It seemed like he decided to keep them for some reason, probably to sell them. The volunteers of the society took it upon themselves to right this wrong!

The doctors at the Marin Humane Society knew that those pups were too small to survive without their momma, so they convinced the previous to also surrender the puppies. The first problem was locating this person, which they managed to do after some detective work. But that wasn’t the end of it. The owner seemed reluctant to give them up. Finally, after a lot of convincing, he gave in.

These poor little adorable things could finally be reunited with their momma! And the momma’s reaction to seeing them again was priceless! Watch the video to see this beautiful moment!