Woman Tapes One Second of Dog’s Life Daily For a Year — The Video Will Melt Your Heart

This lady did what we all talk about. How adorable!


Here at AmazingPandph , we absolutely love a heartwarming story. We especially love when our fans reach out with their stories so we can help spread positive messages to the masses. Here’s one of those stories: The dog pictured above is named Lombard and he has quite an interesting tale.

Here’s the full story as told by his owner:

“Over the last year, I had taken a video every day of my guide dog puppy in training in hopes that one day he would become a guide dog for the blind and visually impaired. However, he ended up getting some anxiety and ball distraction which caused him to be released from the guide dog program. I decided to adopt him as my forever pet and hope to continue his willingness to work and please by training him to become a therapy dog. He is loving the pet life.”

To promote Lombard’s story, his owner created the beautiful video below that documents his year-long journey with one-second clips from each day.

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