They Shave A Homeless Dog. What They Find Under His Fur Left Me In A Puddle Of Tears!

They shave a homeless dog – and what they find made me cry so hard….


One stormy night Animal Services Officers responded to a call for help from the San Jose Police Department. The police officers had saved a small dog named Mr. Snuggles from two large dogs who had viciously attacked him, but they were afraid that they might have got there a little too late as Mr. Snuggles was already seriously injured.

Once they arrived, the Animal Services Officers immediately took him to the San Jose Animal Shelter’s veterinary clinic. The poor pooch was in awful condition! He was soaking wet, frightened, dirty, and he was bleeding! After they examined him, the doctors knew that his chances of making it through were slim.

He had multiple severe injuries, but the main problem wasn’t what those injuries looked like on the surface. They had to see if they were also internal. His canine tooth was completely pulled out of its socket, and one of his hind legs was completely cold and had no pulse. They feared that they might have to amputate it.

Before the surgery they shaved his belly and were appalled to see that the bruising was even worse than they had expected. That wasn’t a good sign! Luckily, the surgery went well, and they were able to stabilize him.

A couple of days later, Mr. Snuggles was feeling much better! He even started to use the hind leg that was supposed to be amputated! It was a real miracle!

He is now living happily in his foster home! What a guy!

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