Soldier Disobeyed Orders And Saved A Cat In Afghanistan. Weeks Later The Cat Saved His Life.

Even though soldiers are not allowed to keep pets while on duty in Afghanistan, Staff Sergeant Jesse Knott couldn’t let this poor cat be mistreated any longer. He made room for the beautiful feline in his tiny office and kept him as a reminder of the life waiting for him in back home. He didn’t even realize that Koshka would end up saving his life.

Soon after they started their friendship, a suicide bomber attacked a military convoy. Sergeant Knott lost two of his friends and was quickly sinking into depression. As if he knew his buddy was in a bad place, Koshka was there to help ease the pain.

By then, Knott knew there was no way he could leave his cat in this war torn country, he had to take him back to the States with Him. With no way of bringing his pet with him, he set him up on a long and dangerous journey through Taliban territory just so he can be with him.