Mom texts her son after he does something incredible… But his response has her in tears!

He found a wallet belonging to a veteran. It had $2,300 in cash, but he immediately returned it. Then he got a text from Mom…


Tommy O’Connor walked across the street from his high school to get himself and his brother a soda at the 7-11. In the parking lot, he came across a wallet and inside the wallet were several $100 bills.

$2,300 to be exact. The young man immediately brought it back to his school to give to a teacher’s aide, who was able to get the wallet back to the rightful owner.

The owner happened to be a veteran and as a thank you, gave Tommy $50.

Tommy and his family are on a fixed income and just the day before, he did not have the money to buy lunch. Tommy’s mom sent him a text message after she learned of the good deed her son did and his response to her?

Well, it was a wonderful thing to say!

Check out the video below that reveals what he said to his mom!