Mother overwhelmed with joy when soldier son surprises her at work

A good mother can spot her children anywhere. Wait until she does a double-take… It made my heart MELT!


A young soldier told his mother that he’d be coming home, but he may have fudged the details a little bit when it came to the

exact date. Thinking that her son wouldn’t be back for at least another month, mom continued life as usual. He knew her route

to work, and with the help of a couple accomplices the soldier managed to set up a beautiful homecoming. He hid in plain sight

behind a newspaper directly in his mother’s path. With his face obscured, mom hardly noticed the uniformed legs sticking out

from beneath the newspaper. Once his face crossed her peripheral vision however, there was no more hiding. The shocked

mother does a double take before screaming her son’s name in disbelief and jumping into his arms.