Ticklish Baby Bat Will Make Sure You Never Fear Bats Again

Volume UP. Can’t. Stop. Laughing.


This hand-raised juvenile flying fox bat is something you don’t see every day. Normally people shy away from bats out of an irrational fear or just a general lack of familiarity, but the truth is bats are the greatest gift to anyone who dislikes pesky bugs in the summer time.

And who doesn’t?

As for this particular bat, it’s been cared for at the Sydney Metropolitan Wildlife Services, a group of volunteers who rescue, rehabilitate and release all species of wildlife found in the Sydney metropolitan area. But by the looks of things, they might have a tough time getting this little fella to leave its human companions behind.

Those squeaking sounds to every touch it receives from the human hand are just adorable. It’s clear this bat has an attachment to those who have helped raise it, and that type of bond is hard to break. But until the time comes to release this squeaky bat back into the wild, hopefully these noises continue to be a part of the daily routine.

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