She Rescued Tiny Abandoned Kittens. When She Brings Them Home, Watch What The Dog Does…

When she brought home these abandoned kittens, she never expected her dog would react like THIS…


One of the videos that we posted today was a cat’s demonstration of power over a beautiful pooch that lacks a bit of self

confidence (see it here), but this video is on the opposite end of the spectrum. Cats and dogs are essentially like a married

couple. Sometimes they fight, sometimes they cuddle, sometimes they hate each other, sometimes they love each other. There’s

a whole spectrum of emotions present in the relationship, but in essence, they need each other.

This video shows us the gentle side of both cats and dogs, and we would say that generally that is their dominant side. Of

course, they have a playful side too, but even when they play they are very gentle. Aggressiveness in some animals is just a

defense mechanism it’s not something they are born with.

Just look at this beautiful Golden Retriever enjoying a nap with his little kittens. It is utterly adorable! You have to see this.

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