Brilliant mom installs a tiny pink door. Now watch her daughter’s face when she looks inside…

This is too precious. Great job Mom!


Sally Copus has invented a fun parenting aid that helps encourage creativity and good behavior.

Her creation, the ‘lil Fairy Door, is a colorful miniature doorway that can be installed easily on any wall.

Through this door children can receive small notes or gifts from ‘fairies’ to reward and encourage good behavior.

Sally took her idea to Shark Tank Australia and the investors loved it.

Her product has grown in popularity since it was first featured on the show.

“As a mother of two little girls I’ve been constantly bombarded with ways to keep my children occupied, from the toys to the

television. I needed something for my children that kept them creative and the ‘lil Fairy Door concept has just awoken their

sense of imagination,” Sally said about her product. Learn more about Sally’s adorable invention in the video below.