80-Year-Old Man Builds A Train To Take Rescued Pups On Little Adventures

This man has adopted countless abandoned dogs. But more than just keeping them safe, he found an adorable way to keep them happy, too!


Humans are capable of coming up with all kinds of ideas! Some useful, some useless, some ingenious, some stupid, some sane,

some crazy! But one thing is certain! We are one creative species and we never stop trying to change the world and come up

with something new!

The man in this video came up with an idea that seems like something Homer Simpson would come up with! He decided to

make a dog train. When we say train we don’t mean a real train with tracks but one of those tour trains you find in parks. Every

day he takes his dogs on a ride in Fort Worth, Texas, and he does it all to make kids happy!

Just look at those happy pups enjoying the ride!

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