Mom Hears The Sound Of Whipped Cream Can In The Kitchen And Decides To Investigate

Mom hears the sound of a whipped cream can in the kitchen and rushes over to see which of her kids is guilty of eating it. But when she turns the corner she never…


This mom was just sitting in the living room relaxing, when suddenly she heard a sound of whipped cream can coming from the

kitchen. She jumped up to see which one of her kids had sneaked in the kitchen to eat the cream! She was going to catch the kid

red handed! Once she got to the kitchen though, there was a big surprise waiting for her!

None of her kids were in the kitchen! No, it wasn’t a ghost, if that’s what you’re thinking! It was actually her dog! Yes! The

pooch had realized how to make the whipped cream come out of the can and it was munching on it like crazy! It’s one of the

funniest things we’ve seen recently!

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