Judges Thought She Was CRAZY For Picking This Song. But When She Starts To Sing? I’m Speechless!

Young girl picks a song judges cant believe. But when she starts singing …WOW!

In all the years of watching talent shows, searching for the acts that might get our fans excited, I have never EVER seen this kind of reaction from the judges and especially from the audience. Truth be told, when Beau Dermott walked onstage I didn’t expect much either, but boy was I wrong.

If you listen to her singing without watching her, all you hear is a seasoned Broadway professional who always delivers a pitch-perfect performance, but then you open your eyes and see this innocent-looking 12-year-old, it’s just unbelievable. Check out one of the most brilliant auditions ever that earned this adorable girl that all-important golden buzzer.

This little girl is magnificent! A real BIG talent. I wish her all the success in life… Don’t forget to share this magnificent talent with your friends and family!