Little Boy Who Affected By Autism Loves Snow White, However, What She Did Next Left His Mom Crying!

This video is heartwarming and beautiful when you focus on the reaction of this cute boy as he met with Disney’s Snow White.

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Source: Youtube

The little boy is Jack-Jack, He is 2 years old and he has autism. So his parent decides to took him to Disney World in a mission to cheer him up. Jack encounters with other Disney characters but it didn’t go well, Otherwise, when he met Snow White, he was affected and taken away.

Source: Youtube

I’m really in Tears right now

“She is probably one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen! This gets me every time. Snow White is so Beautiful & the way that little boy looks at her just melts my heart <3 ” Source: Youtube/Amanda Coley

Watch and see his reaction in the video down below…