They do everything for 2 months to rescue escaped dog — Until 6-year-old asks if she can try

Anyone that has owned or even knows a dog knows how gentle and loving they can be. they can sense who they can and can’t trust.gravitating towards people that will be kind to them and show them love in return for theirs.

One foster dog needed a special touch to get her to come home after running away.Daisy was adopted from a shelter and only two days after she ran away from that home,fearing she would be hurt again.People spotted her over the course of two months and fed her regular meals, but could never get her to come home.

Having tried everything they could a 6-year-old thought she had what it took to make friends with the petrified pooch.The little girl slowly approached the dog in a field. Daisy was hesitant at first, but as soon as the girl got on her stomach, the pup leaped up and came to her.

You can watch her beautiful story and how she did it in the video below and her Her secret? Just “showing her some love!”