Stray Dog Notices Her Friend Has Been Captured. Her Next Move Caught Everyone Off Guard…

Homeless Pit Bulls Rescue: When this dog notices her friend has been captured, she does something unexpected…

One day, Hope for Paws received a call about Homeless Pit Bulls Lois and Clarke hiding in a truck yard! Neighbors had been feeding them for six months, but then they decided that calling an animal protection organization was the way to go.

After they arrived, the volunteers from Hope for Paws secured the area. They decided that they were going to try to catch the male first, which they did quickly enough. Even though he was shaking with fear, he allowed them to touch him. The female, however, turned out to be a bigger problem.

Once she saw that her friend was captured, she became even more nervous and started to run in circles! This one wasn’t going to be easy to get. After ten minutes of running though, she grew tired and they were able to catch her too!

Both pups were immediately taken to the hospital to receive medical treatment, after which they will be made available for adoption.

These are my people. I’m going to contact Hope for Paws and see how we can help… Don’t forget to share this with your friends and family.