She Married A Magician. But When He Beckons Her Over To The Dance Floor? My Jaw Dropped!

Weddings are unique, no longer handiest for the bride and groom, however for their households and pals as well. So human beings do everything in their power to make their wedding ceremony day a memorable one.

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Source: Youtube

The video beneath capabilities a slice from Jillian and Justin’s wedding ceremony, that none of their visitors goes to forget for a long time. you’re going to be surprised when you see this. The newlyweds walked as much as the dance floor when it changed into time for their first dance. They danced to “I placed A Spell On You” and their movements are pretty exceptional.

Source: Youtube

However, the best part comes closer to the give up. Justin is a magician, however, in this dance, he was given levitated with the aid of his bride. everyone turned into shocked after they saw the duo’s performance. Justin’s dad’s reaction to the “big move” at the cease is pure gold!

They will live happily ever after.

“I love this it’s magickal it beautiful its naughty and nice its EVERYTHING really really lovely, congratulations” Source: Youtube/Justin Willman

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