90 Yr Old Dick Van Dyke Starts Showing Off His Moves. What His Wife Does Next? ADORABLE!

Dick Van Dyke is one of my favorite actors of all time. And I hope I am as lively and energetic as him when I get to be around 90! This video features the first single of the band The Dustbowl Revival called “Never Had To Go”. Van Dyke and his wife Arlene enjoyed their music, so they invited these new artists over to their home to shoot the music video.

The upbeat bluegrass/swing song is very good and the video is very much fun. At 89, Van Dyke can still dance like he could in his Mary Poppins days!

There is just something about this man that is so endearing! I could watch him dance all day. Their energy is simply contagious! Dick Van Dyke Still Has It At 90!

This video made my day, and I am sure it will make you too!