Oh Look, A Pack Of Wolves Runs Up To This Woman. Let Me See What Happens Next…WHAT, REALLY?

A pack of wolves attack this woman, and you’ll want to see why…

Source:Youtube/Gard Ole Waerum

As awesome as these videos are about humans accepted by wild animals, they’re not THAT rare. We featured one some time ago about a guy playing soccer with lions. There are several things that are kinda gross/scary about this girl.

Number one. Why the hell is she French kissing these beasts? I even hate when dog owners to that, and these are freaking wolves we’re talking about.

Two. Unlike the soccer playing guy, she seems very submissive. I just waited for something terrible to happen, like her face being torn off or something. This ain’t Game of Thrones, girl, and you’re not a Stark.

Source:Youtube/Gard Ole Waerum

Man… it’s like she’s their mother or something. Funny how they sound like little pups so happy to see their friend.