12 Men Line Up Onstage, Then Their Song Of Choice Leaves The Audience In Chills


Many songs are Gold and never get old that you just can’t get bored of playing it again and again. “You Raise Me Up” is for sure one of these magic songs. It was originally written and recorded by the Norwegian duo Secret Garden, and over the years, it has been performed by different artists. Westlife’s version made the song reach new heights of popularity, and it has been listed as one of the best contemporary Christian songs of all time.

The video below shows a astonishing performance of the song by the group 12 Tenors. It’s amazing how even after hearing this many times, this rendition give you a special feeling. All the men in this group have incredible voices, but when they do it together, the sound just reaches another level of radiance! With a performance like that, no wonder they won the crowd’s heart!

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