It’s The Most Popular Song Of All Time, But You’ve Never Heard It Performed Like This. Astonishing!

All of us have heard this song thousands of times before. Most of us know the lyrics by heart but as many times as you’ve heard it, we promise you’ve never heard it like this.

Source: Youtube

Il Divo is a world renowned multi-national classical vocal group so it goes without saying that whatever they record is going to be amazing. However the best moment in their rendition of “Amazing Grace” isn’t their crystal clear voices or the harmony they make. Just wait for the moment at 2:10 mark and I promise it will sent chills down your spine.

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Source: Youtube

This song is amazing no matter how many times we listen to it…

“I personally think this is the greatest song of all time. This version is unique, Carlos Marin’s part is STUNNING..God bless us in this difficult time…” Source: Youtube/ildivotv

Watch this unbelievable performance on the video down below and don’t hesitate to share it with your friends and family…