Pink Brings her Dad on Stage, and when The Music Starts I Got Chills!

Pink is one in all nowadays’s most up to date singers, however, did you know her dad is an incredible musician in his personal proper?“My dad became my first rock celebrity,” she announces to the group in this video from 2007.

Jim Moore turned into serving within the Vietnam conflict when he wrote a song known as “I have visible the Rain.” forty years later, he joined his pop superstar daughter onstage to sing it in the front of her adoring fanatics. “the primary time my dad’s ever finished in front of a collection, is gonna be right now,” crimson lovingly says before introducing Jim to the sector.

The lyrics are definitely touching, and it’s clear from where Pink was given her singing and songwriting expertise. Pink and her dad harmonize so fantastically. thinking about this turned into Jim’s first performance on this type of huge scale, he did a great job.